All of my classes are beginner-friendly. Each class begins by chanting the Om and focusing the mind on breath. Each class is a different, specially developed series of movements that are lying down, kneeling, standing, and sitting, and involve linking movement with breath, and maintaining poses, deepening them with breath, and using the body in contact with itself and the floor.

Some classes involve partner poses with other members of the class, leaning against each other, one assisting the other to deepen the pose, or resting against each other in a restorative relaxation. Each class ends with Sivasana (final relaxation), Pranayama (breath exercises), focusing the mind, and chanting the Om. Some classes involve more singing, sometimes mantra- type phrases, sometimes Yoga Sutras.

Lack of experience, lack of flexibility, negative body image, fear, and physical disability should not keep anyone from practicing yoga. Sitting and breathing, doing as much of the movement in whatever capacity one has, moving within the bounds of safety that we all have about ourselves, is a yoga practice.

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