The process of what we call "yoga" unites breath and movement, mind and body, body and spirit. The exploration of this process is different for everyone. Different bodies move safely in different ways. Steven's approach to yoga enables a person with any type of body to explore these unions in a way appropriately and safely for their individual needs.

Each person possesses a wisdom about their own body that no one else does. This approach to yoga relies on that wisdom in choosing which movements to do and how deeply to do them. There is no requirement in following this process of yoga to attain any specific pose to a prescribed degree. Many of  the movements involved in Steven's yoga instruction follow the breath in exploring just how far to carry movement and how much to rest.

The goal, to use that word delicately, is to find a significant depth of breath, and a focus of the mind that brings a relaxation to the body and a sense of peace to the spirit.